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  • I was so happy that I stepped out of my comfort zone and embraced this amazing experience. I was searching for additional tools to use to build a healthy parenting foundation. Stevie helped me realize that our thoughts are extremely powerful and by just changing the thought in the same situation our action/outcome can be much different. I highly recommend Stevie to any woman struggling with parenting!

    Kari MN
  • Before coaching with Stevie, I could not even have a simple text exchange with my ex. I feel truly fortunate to have had her as my co-parenting coach. The coaching model she taught me has helped me in almost every way. I used to quickly respond--sometimes shaking in anger--to my ex. Now I stop and think about the downward spiraling effect and say to myself “wait I can control this”. I take a step back and MANAGE my anger. I take a deep breath, and use the tools Stevie taught me. There is so much more but I can’t put it all into one letter!

    Kim IN
  • My coaching experience with Stevie was lovely. She’s gentle in delivering ideas that conflict with how I’ve viewed my parenting relationship. I am learning to challenge my thoughts, to slow down and examine the result I’m getting. Now, there is less negative emotion in my approach to parenting my teenagers. Stevie's gentle yet persistent way presents me with new ways of thinking that offer me hope for a future that is more peaceful.

    Allison TN
  • Before I worked with Stevie I felt so much stress parenting my daughter. I didn’t realize how much anxiety I had from always expecting conflict with her and felt like I was constantly walking on eggshells around her. She taught me how to question my intense negative thoughts about her (and myself as a Mom) which were causing a lot of anger, frustration and pain. I learned how to shift these in a very practical way to create more peace and connection with my daughter. Now, I feel much less stress and anxiety. I’m also noticing how my daughter’s behavior has really improved as I deal with her differently. I will continue to use the tools that Stevie taught me to improve my relationship with my daughter and decrease the stress and anxiety in our home. I would highly recommend working with Stevie!

    Wendy B. Riva MD
  • I began working with Stevie because I was struggling in my relationships with my teenage daughters. I am a divorced mom with shared custody, however my daughters wanted to spend more and more time at their dad's house. My oldest daughter has a slightly difficult personality and can be argumentative. The things she said to me were hurtful and painful and these comments completely consumed me. It was not only weighing heavily on my emotions, but it was also preventing me from being happy in the rest of my life. All I wanted was to have a happy and healthy relationship with my daughters, but that seemed impossible. Stevie taught me how to change the way I looked at things and also how to change my interactions with my daughters by using some specific tools. Incredibly, I started to see immediate results in the relationships with my daughters. Not only did our relationships improve, I found the inner peace and happiness that I was lacking. I am happier all the way around. I believe this is all a direct result of what Stevie has taught me and I am so grateful for having worked with her.

    Julie C. DE
  • I have long had mixed feelings about parenting! Parenting my daughter has been a huge learning experience because she’s much different than me, and completely different than her older sister. I’ve found it difficult to parent her without becoming hurt or and frustrated. Working with Stevie helped me be more thoughtful and intentional in my interactions with her. The concepts she taught me helped me to think about how I could have approached and an argument or negative interaction differently to create better outcomes. I feel like I have more tools to address the challenges that will continue to come along. Stevie helped me shift my perspective--to remember the lifelong connection I want to have with my daughter--rather than getting so wrapped up in everyday negative experiences. Coaching with Stevie is a great opportunity to feel more intentional and in control of your own thoughts and actions during what can be a turbulent time in your child’s life. It’s well worth the investment!

    Kelli S. Edgebrook, IL