The Two-Sided Face of Fear

 In America

Today’s the day we celebrate fear. Halloween is fun because we know it’s all “pretend’ and we choose to be scared. Being in control enables us to go to the very edge of what frightens us.

But in daily life, things scare us that we believe are very real. The upcoming bills. Our kid’s “failing” grades. Not being invited to a party. The pants that no longer fit. Our boss questioning our work.

Our brain creates scenarios where the worst outcome happens. It feels like life or death.

Later, when we’ve moved through the situation we wonder why we were so afraid. The “worst” didn’t happen. We dealt with it, learned from it, got help with it, or went over the edge and survived.

Our fear didn’t tell us the truth about who we are and what we can be.

What if we could just skip the freak out part altogether?

What if we believed that no matter what happened to us we’d deal with it—and maybe even crush it?

Fear is appropriate when your life is truly in danger and you need to act NOW. Otherwise, it’s our brain playing tricks on us. Let’s leave that for Halloween.

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