How To Live Your Purpose

 In America
Here’s a secret: you don’t have to do anything to fulfill your purpose in life. Your life isyour purpose. Yes, just by being alive and showing up as YOU is good enough.
No one else can tell you (especially NOT your ex) that how you are, what you do, or what you choose is wrong. You are the only one whose opinion matters.
You can stop trying to arrive at a place where you will prove that you’re good enough. Now what?
Here’s another secret: You get to choose what you want to do with your life simply because you WANT to. You don’t have to justify or rationalize your chosen purpose. It doesn’t have to make sense to anyone but you. It doesn’t have to be lofty or earth-shattering. It can be as simple as wanting to be a good Mom or a good friend.
Give it some thought: how do you want to spend your time in this lifetime? If you decide to have a chosen purpose, you must choose purposeful thoughts.
 Our brains like to be efficient and think the same old thoughts. We must direct it to think new thoughts to create a new outcome. Direct it with what you want to think and believe. This way you’ll be able to feel and act with a lot more purpose.
Co-parenting in peace is part of my life’s purpose. And the peace is for me: it has nothing to do with my ex. I choose to gravitate towards peace in my consciousness regardless of what he says or does: he’s an asshole? That’s okay. My purpose is so much greater than his childish, immature behavior. I stay in peace so that I can parent in wisdom and grace-not emotional turmoil.
Consider your purpose. Write it down. What does it look like in action? Who do you get to be when you’re living your purpose? What experiences will you create? Find out.


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