Co-Parenting With A Narcissist Can Make You a Bad-Ass

 In America
Your cell phone rings. It’s your ex. You cringe with anxiety. You don’t want to talk to him. You can’t endure another fight. Your world shrinks to you and that phone. You think to yourself “I can’t stand this,” decline the call and sink into despair. You ruminate for the remainder of the day. Sound familiar?
Now imagine this scenario: your cell phone rings. It’s your ex. You shrug your shoulders. Not the person you might want to talk to, but you can deal with it. You are in complete control of your emotions. He doesn’t rattle or upset you anymore. You answer, handle the call and go on with your day. 
Your newfound confidence permeates everything you do. You feel self-love, peace, and gratitude and have energy. How? Because the self-knowledge, emotional maturity and interpersonal skills you develop as you learn how to effectively co-parent with a difficult ex begin to elevate and shift every aspect of your life. If you can deal with HIM, imagine how effective you’ll be dealing with other difficult people you’re sure to encounter through life. If you can feel peace regardless of what he says or does, how much peace can you feel all the time?
So, what now seems like a terrible, life-draining, and miserable situation, when faced and worked on will create such self-mastery and inner transformation that you might not recognize yourself. Less fear, less anxiety, less worry. More enthusiasm, optimism, and hope that can be channeled into new relationships, work, parenting, friendships and self-expression.
What are you waiting for? Be willing to change your perspective and see how you can take this very challenging situation and use it to change your life. In the best ways possible. This extremely difficult person might just be the best teacher you’ll ever have in learning how to take complete charge of your emotional well-being and your life.


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